IGN PLAGIARIZED a Review from a YouTuber!?

UPDATE: IGN has removed the editor from his position. https://twitter.com/ign/status/1026972177881427969 Boomstick Gaming’s Review: …


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  1. Hey The know. Have y'all found those microtransactions in Forza 7 yet? I've been playing the game for a few months now and still can't find them. Get back to me on that will ya….

  2. I like this format a LOT better than the normal format; two people sitting and colloquially discussing game news. Drastically better than the scripted face-forward standard format previously. It feels a lot more casual & real. Kudos. Keep this up!

  3. Take this as an opportunity to review how and what reviews are, content creators. Don't ape the film critics or the people who aped them when video games were new.

    For me, I'd approach it like the scholarly process in peer reviewed articles and journals in academic fields.

  4. He even tried ripping off Nintendolife. He got caught then and tried it again with a smaller channel. I used to like him, but what else has he tried plagiarizing?

  5. They fired the guy, put a statement out about it and apologized to Boomstick for what happened. Gotta give IGN a little credit for doing the right thing.

  6. Dreamcastguy as a budy of filip clarified that filip did play the game both where in discussions through out the time of reviewing, but dreamcast guy still could not understand why after that filip just pulled a 180 at the end.

  7. I used to post on the gamesradar forums one of my post was verbatim in an article they wrote even went as far as using a picture from that Forum post in the article

  8. I can't imagin being this dude right now. Got a job at the top company in the industry, moved his life, made friends with people at the company. Now that you reached the peak of the mountain top you fall off a cliff. Everything has changed, and this guy can never work in this industry again i would think. What a story

  9. While this sucks… You have to admit that it has done nothing but help Boomstick, he now has 40k subs, a HUGE jump from 11, and the amount of views hes getting because of this means lots of money… And hopefully compensation from IGN for stealing his work and profiting from it.

  10. Of course it's not IGN's fault in general but they should definitely give all the credit and revenue to the YouTuber.
    Maybe IGN's reviewer didn't have enough time for the review and too much pressure but this doesn't excuse what he did of course.
    To make such a thing less likely to happen again maybe two people should make one review together. Of course that means double the working hours/salary for one review but if they for example let two people with totally different opinions and points of view review a game that makes the review even more objective and more interesting and maybe this creates a new trend.

  11. in english if thats what the game actually does its possible 2 intelligent well articulated gamers could say almost the same thing…..example…if i ask anyone about dark souls they will almost always say its…hard… when your explaining the systems of a game those aren't going to change person to person because they are the same for everyone. just saying its possible.

  12. if anyone noticed that IGN reviews in the last several years went to worst quality. its like they didnt play the full games. also they dont have a professional team to try a game in a different way and give it a score depend on that. instead they let only one employee to give his opinion which is unfair cos maybe that guy dont like that kind of game and give it poor score. they also dont give a time to play a game they always rush. look at angry joe, he take time to play full game . anyone agree?

  13. It's imperative we don't normalize this sort of underhandness. The nail in the coffin was when he blatantly lied on instagram regarding this being "his" first "editorial" for IGN. My question is, is their a vetting process for editors at IGN? It would seem not. What a plonker, very self destructive. Peace!

  14. I don't get why would they be so flaberghasted over filips assholery… Most youtubers seem to me like a bunch of spoiled kids who don't really want to work hard and make easy money and fame, so when one of those get into a site as big as IGN it's befitting to take a close look at his work… I'm guessing they'll find more of this kind of BS more often than not…

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