Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is official, loaded up with a 6.4-inch screen, a Bluetooth toting S Pen and a giant, 4000 mAh battery. For more on the Note 9, visit …


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  1. IR blaster? If not included this is another pass for me, a hard pass, yep, I use my phone to control everything in my house, I know not a lot of people do but it's a convenience I can't live without, that's why I haven't updated my device in years

  2. Hope that I'm the first commenter, maybe.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is super powerful and juicy as it seems but I'll have to wait for 3 months before I can get this beast to make sure that this has no problems to encounter.

    I've learned a lesson from my Note 7 which I loved it and only to return due to the recall even my unit was doing fine and neither encountered heating issues nor exploded after 2 months of use.

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