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The Alex Jones story has once again shone a spotlight on the growing problem of centralized social media services and their moves toward increased censorship, but what are the solutions?



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  1. Alex Jones still have free speech. He just lost some of the platforms that he used to communicate with people because he is too crazy and said too many things that nice men don't say.

  2. I watch all your videos and value your insight into crypto and the wider world. You're right about the news, which is little better than old Jerry Springer shows. I've been to Yemen and Sudan and several other countries where terrible things happen year after year and yet are hardly ever reported. We're lied to all the time, I agree. However, I understand why companies decided not to host Alex Jones, even though they were making money out of him. This does not affect his constitutional right to free speech, but they have no legal or moral obligation to host him. They might be exposed to liability as more people sue him, if they are deemed to be 'publishing' his content. If someone watching his show goes out and kills someone, which is always a risk, companies hosting might be liable for that too.

    I won't stand up for Jones because he incites people to hate crimes, and has caused parents of children murdered at Sandy Hook to have to move repeatedly and go into hiding after constant threats. I feel a lot of compassion for him because of his obvious mental illness. But he claimed white supremacist protesters were 'Jewish actors' pretending to be KKK.

    "let's institute crypto-based solutions"! Yes, let's help make that happen.

  3. Smh, this is so unfortunate. I swear nothing ever changes.. People could be shown %100 proof of corruption and even agree with it %100 and life would still go on as so.. It is tiring.

  4. Entertainment has superseded the provision of information; human interest has supplanted the public interest; measured judgement has succumbed to sensationalism.

  5. I had to think about this all afternoon. Is there no boundary? This Alex Jones is a monster. I remember a time a few months ago when you took your audience to task for making sexist comments about Dr Jemma Green and other women in the space. I was proud of you taking the high road, but is this not censorship. Do you not filter the comments that are posted on your site? Would you be O.K with hateful speech against minorities on your site. Can we not have rules of engagement? The image in the photo behind you is a very different proposition than what Alex Jones is up to.

    I was more sympathetic to Julian Assange before I saw how he used his own agenda during the election to take his revenge on Clinton. I don't remember any dirt on Trump. His leaks are self serving and biased.

  6. I haven't ever agreed with you more. Yes while Alex Jones may have some alternative views, some of the stuff he said was true. I did see a video of his from a month or so ago where he suggested that something was being trialed to remove all non confirming kinds of content. Something like a kill switch.

    As a believer in Jesus and you may not be that's fine. It's interesting though that Jesus said go and preach to every nation. Preaching means speaking. WHat is the devil trying to take away speech, or freedom of speech.

    Here's another example from Google directly. Just Google search "Jesus Christ", the first page goes to the Mormans and there's no info about Jesus. You can search for any other religous leader and their info will come up.

    If there are no alternative views it will be much easier for the mass brainwashing to continue.

  7. Thanks for posting the video, Lark. It's an important issue and problem to be sure. I was watching an Andreas Antonopoulos video the other day and he had some interesting comments about this issue. I haven't personally vetted what he said, but as sources go, I find him pretty credible. He was alluding to the idea that the advent of technology is partly responsible for the current state of the media. According to Andreas, with the arrival of actors like Craig's List, Kijiji, etc., media's bread and butter was almost over night stripped away as classified ad business fled to the "free" model. According to Andreas, at the time this happened, this was a major source of their revenue. Add to that the departure of other forms of ad revenue, and you have a broken model that can't afford expensive infrastructure and investigative reporting anymore. From that perspective, it's not hard to see why most mainstream media have turned into tawdry click-bait purveyors. It's also becoming more and more clear everyday, that mainstream media will not recover from these disruptive forces, but the journalists are still out there. It only makes good sense that technology fix the problem too, because without a freely functioning Fourth Estate, we're all fucked well and truly.

  8. Lark this is one of the most truly meaningful rants I've ever seen a youtuber go on. Thank you for informing everyone about this in such a thoughtful and detailed way.

  9. Thank you Crypto Lark!!! I’m 43 And when I was a kid in elementary school everyone knew that I may not agree with what you had to say but I’ll fight for your right to say it… That’s what was explained to me when I asked why we tolerated and protected the Ku Klux Klans right to speak… If I disagreed with anything to speak up and let the best idea lead the way! It made perfect sense & still does…

  10. HEY! So cool background 1984 film. Never was the best pictures to talck about the problem of slavering incoming from corportions and goverments working together againts the whole populations.

  11. Crypto exists to subvert censorship. Support No ICO, 0% premine. POV starts in a few days. Credit card support otw. The platform has been updated, uploading videos is simple. Import your entire catalogue from youtube with one click! Now is the time to have multiple platforms host your videos. No need to rely on one company. Looking at you, Lark!

  12. Does anyone know of projects where people are trying to create "open source government" blueprints using blockchain? I'm set on this idea. People are ready for radical change. But what's lacking from much of the conversations online is a practical alternatives to the current systems of power. We need a "lifeboat" that people can jump to, to govern their communities as the old centralized power pyramid crumbles and all its parasitic capitalist tentacles running through our lives shrivel.

    If we create an open source governmental blueprint that includes modules for all functions currently served by local, state and federal governments but without requiring politicians for representation, one that can be iterated on and evolved by the global community, then we'll have created a framework people can turn to within their communities, not waiting for a leader to arise but getting to work on a solid blueprint and adapting it to their own community's unique challenges.

  13. Well spoken. Thanks for letting us know that your head is fully in the space of real freedom and justice and for reviewing many of the Orwellian things that have happened due to over-centralized wealth and power – and for directing people to recognize blockchain technology for what it is – a way to de-centralize everything and create a system where tyrants can't "rise to power" because there is no pyramid to climb and domain experts get to make the big decisions together in their respective domains. Ecologists get to set environmental policy, trusted policers get to regulate police activity, etc. and everything that happens is transparent.

  14. Do you think "they" will just use digital currency to enslave us anyway. Being the ultimate currency for the 5G smart grid they are rolling out. I don't fully buy in to the whole decentralized thing, i feel that any corrupt system can manipulate any situation. True freedom is a state of mind.

  15. Tube fascinates me and I am doing all I can to spread the word. Takes minutes to set up account and start mining. I suggest everyone try it out. It’s free to try.

  16. Nice one Lark, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to remind people what the important issues are and to point out that although we seem to be at a great disadvantage against these very clever old systems of control we have the best opportunity we have ever had at this present time to see the self-conceited arrogance and blatant abuse of these powers. As you rightly pointed out we have the capability through the same technology that acts to enslave and divide us, to also free and unite ourselves to unimagined levels of decentralised autonomy. If we only have the courage to embrace it, the power of community is most certainly the key to regaining the global collective consciousness that when identified with would be unstoppable. It is in all of our hands and we have no excuses for not helping each other to be all we can be to use our collective wisdom. Unity will always overcome tyranny ! all we need to do is share. Much respect Lark you have a good heart my friend.

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