2016 Macbook: Rose Gold Refresh!

The 2nd gen 12″ Macbook in a pink jacket. Original 2015 Macbook Review: https://youtu.be/TA8JprZlDYA Video Gear I use: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I love you marques! Awesome dude with a awesome sense of humor. the sarcasm? oh man please it kills me. Thanks for the videos. Its refreshing and always motivates and inspires me.

  2. I would grab one in 2018 if Apple places one TB3 on each side or at least TB3 on left && USB type-C 3.1 on right. They can get away with that even and maintain that needed distinction between the MBP base 13" which has two type-C ports on one side.

  3. This notebook now makes no sense, for 100 dollars more you can get the macbook pro, which has a better trackpad, screen, much better performance, better speakers, more ports, same build quality, faster storage, etc.

  4. I'm a producer and after for something light and portable, not to produce on but to edit and mix tracks. Do you think it would be able to keep up with that kind of work? or should i be looking at something with more power?

  5. Can you please make a video about the HP Spectre x360… I'm really considering to buy either this Macbook, or the HP Spectre…. PLEASEEEEE! PLEASEEEEEE!

  6. idk why people have problems with pink. it's a color x) , oh right i forgot we live in a world , where our society tells you if it's pink then guys shouldn't have it cuz it makes them look less masculine.. LOL byee

  7. Far too weak for power users
    Far too expensive for casual users
    Its a beautiful machine but I just don't see what audience this has beyond the ignorant Best Buy shopper with way too much money to burn that got talked into it by a Blue Shirt.

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