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  1. i played it on the PC and it was flawed big time, i couldent put the original game down but with this one i couldent get past the wierd turning fault, as you turned it would go from high to low framerates and i have a high end PC and from what i have heard it has frame drops in combat with the console versions.
    in fact i dont even see the point of watching reviews from gamespot and IGN they dont point out the flaws in the games which is the whole point of a review.
    they have become like the TV guide they tell you all the good points but leave out the bad ones.

  2. Finally got around to playing this (early 2018) after loving Dishonored 1 and i can honestly say i thoroughly enjoyed it. Played as Emily on the PC over 3 days. Good Times. Minimal problems.

  3. I am interested about a this, i am went through 10times dishonored! Game – is, gloomy and poor what it looks like, nothing really smiling looks for game but excellent fighting and magic powers are astonishing and do everything even too easy go through, without really challenge.

  4. Why do most people assume that Delilah is a new character and actually Emily's aunt? Has nobody played Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches? Damn, she's a witch, and if it wasn't for Daud, she would have assumed control on Emily's mind since the first game.

  5. i personally couldn't care less about a story in games. if i wanted a good story, i would just read a good book or film; for me its all about the gameplay. that being said, the story of this game has some charm but that gameplay is just soooooo good. that why i personally love mgsv and fallout 4: gameplay for me at least, is king

  6. They need to cut the lame black and white good choice bad choice kill no kill thing. Really brings it down. Yes I understand multiple playthroughs but killing a bug shouldn’t ruin my no murder run or anything

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