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New Blockchain rewards with CryptoCurrency rewards!
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  1. Looks like a really promising project, website and whitepaper both appear very professional. Will keep an eye on this one.It`s very cool

  2. This project is rather interesting. The idea is great. The algorithm is very GPU-friendly. Great coin distribution system. MKRGPXYY4mkfQYideF9zTP78vTUWrzYtWL

  3. An unusual system of awards. 🙂 Beautiful purse, live discord and a lot of people, and therefore there is interest!

  4. This seems like one of the most interesting projects of the past months, it has decent masternode/miner reward ratio, thus, in theory, miners will be interested to mine it for quite a long time and masternode owners will not dump their "free" coins as fast as in other coins, plus xdna has quite interesting and new diff adjustment/coin per block reward model which should make it feasible to mine even for such puny miners like me so i'm in )
    LTC: MQrmAsz8fAo2PinDfErEZYgsk1vuGKxFp7

  5. I think it the revolutionary project with the revolutionary ideas. It was waited by all. Both miners and investors.

  6. Excellent start at the coin. A cool website and literate whitepaper. Well that there is instamine. And the BitGun levels are incredible.

  7. I'm waiting for this project since the end of 2017 and finally it arrives. It breakes my hearth and blows my mind – Xdna is fantastic.
    ltc: MTrWJkNSjWCvh1J5SCX5RbxAfSvaWeu6jr

  8. Super project! I love !
    This was not yet in the mining. The higher the complexity, the greater the reward!
    Good luck to the whole team XDNA !!! LTC: MNwxiaPPyWWPuyWTVLsY8foz8wa1Cd41Xd

  9. No need to change the Algo in the future, like many coins did in the past.
    Never seen such innovation before. And I hope this is patent protected !
    ltc: MSRLhMqRmSskYqV4R5u5CSfe2j7RAPrYFA

  10. If you are looking for a coin with protection for miners against huge hashpower joining apool and taking the majority of block rewards! MSgbi3wfctGeUoBv4LBzuruTZ2QYy7fvzP

  11. cant wait to see that new features in action! wallet is neat and running smooth, website also lookin good ! great job!

  12. I loved the design of the purse, extraordinary interface. Everything is indefinitely clear for mining, excellent rewards.
    LTC: MWtEpjtzV6nKJ8oK8Z5AgfBp6xfVgLMJCp

  13. I hope, there is bright future, because already great work done by XDNA team .
    Good luck, XDNA community!

  14. It's so hard nowdays to find real project among all these copy-paste MN "coins". I think, XDNA is very promissing one. LTC: MFgKyeqxzyDhn7BRFVJbzsZnZdoNXnFHeU

  15. It is very rare to see such well prepared launch, everything works form the begin perfectly, supportive and helpful devs from the very begin.


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