50 MILLION MORE TETHER – Tether Prints 50 Million More USDT – CryptoCurrency News

50 million more Tether have been printed, why is USDT needing more? CryptoCurrency News!
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  1. Every time I put money in tether I am a little uneasy. I have done it less and less..I was using ETC as my tether since it was such a stable coin until this last drop. I have also used LTC for dry powder..no, I don't think they have the money to back it..

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  3. The money is where the low market cap real use projects are, and right now I do not see anything better than tokenpay, the vision and determination with which they are working is truly admirable.

  4. They have already proved two weeks ago that tether is backed buy USd 1:1 , so this video is bullshit please do your research next time. I enjoy all your content but if I see bullshit ima call it out ASAP because without research this is just Fud.

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