VRCHAT – WAIFU NIGHTMARE 2! (Virtual Reality)

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  1. 16:30 "Success so clearly in view. Or is it merely a trick of the light?"
    17:08 "There can be no hope in this hell, no hope at all"
    17:50 "The walls close in, the shadows whisper of conspiracy"
    19:56 "Many fall in the face of chaos, but not this one, not today"

  2. Lol.., this was fully awesome, and entertaining to watch.., XigneoN..! 😀 ;3 ^-^
    Also, "Xertmet" did soo much of an excellent job in creating those maps too.. 😀 ;3 ^-^
    Like.., wow..! ^o^ full 10/10. score for each one of the details being legit and realistic.., for a game.., lol. xP ;3 😀
    They did one heck of a awesome job w/ each and every map shown in this video.., XigneoN..! 😀 :3 ^-^
    Also.., I must state that them 3 laughing whenever shown in this video.., was pretty amusing to watch.. xP ;3 xD
    Soo cute and adorable it is to see and read a muted-player's actions in a video.. xP :3 <3 <3 ;3 😀
    Anyway.., great video this was in general.., and.. I can't wait to see what you uploads next on your channel.., too..!! 😀 <3 ^-^

  3. Why do/did I feel like that train map was based off that one old GMOD: Horror map that involved the train parts transitioning from good state to crashed state..?? xP ;3 xD

  4. Everytime I go to scary maps I bring at least 3 friends and a model with a gun because if I do go out I'm leaving whatever it is with marks to remember me. ???

  5. I want to test this map but I prefer extreme horror, a bit of gore to set the mood, also something dark webby oh oh and 1000 aztec war whistles blowing at the the same time and a bit of VR LSD effects….man I have a fucked up sense of horror…..who knew ?

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