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  1. Wow that's harsh, scoring if you can give destiny 2 and Call of duty high scores despite there being a lack of innovation and unorginal mechanics this surely deserves higher.

  2. Truly great game, loved it from start to finish. Like the puzzles, love the story, the music and the general vibe of this game. Jaded critics should play something else!.

  3. this guy clearly didn't get that the areas are not a like because they represent 5 different stages of grief.
    talks about performance dips but doesn't mention the platform.
    also never get more than a jPEG and menu screen? so you didn't see the outfits that were the first option?
    also no mention of the soundtrack?

  4. This guy didn't finished the game. All the footage is from the first part of the game and he clearly doesn't know why the rest of the levels are so different and, APPARENTLY, have no cohesion. Anybody who finished the game knows why and what does it mean. I just finished the game and I'm amazed, I expected nothing and got something wonderful (except for the frame drops).


    Ok what the hell IGN? Did you even finish the game Marty? The world feels uninhabited because it's NOT the ruins of an ancient civilization, it's this little boy's journey to the afterlife. The sparseness of other life makes you appreciate the relationship between him and the fox and the robots. As for the collectibles, if you had finished the game you would realize that you get rewarded at the very end for finding them, as they are scattered around the room for the father to discover. This game is one of the most beautiful heart-wrenching roller coasters of an experience that I've had in years. It's not supposed to be ridiculously difficult, in the same way that Journey was not supposed to be difficult. Marty you entirely missed the point, and in the process I think you really missed out on a great game.

  6. If you are a fan of story, this is a fantastic one. The connection you form with each of it’s warm characters is worth the time; especially since the full game can be enjoyed in about 5 hours. That ending though. Rime is best enjoyed as an experience and not a die hard’s game. <3

  7. Never have I disagreed about a review as much as this one.
    Seriously Marty, the collectibles are not just “jpegs” as you say. It’s melodies, hidden stories and costumes.
    And the puzzles are fine for what they are, you are not supposed to go crazy to understand them. You are supposed to have a good time playing this game. Witch I did. IMO this game is a 8/10

  8. I disagree because this game is beautiful like you said but the puzzles were fun and weren’t like chores… the puzzles are what made the game really fun to me while also exploring a very well written storyline. This game was so amazing I was crying at the end when you find out the boy died… and when you press the button to make him dive or make his father let the red cape go… when you can’t undo that it’s the most emotional thing ever and this actually well represents life. If you look on select mission you then realise that each mission is based on the 5 phases of how you feel if you’ve lost someone or something! Amazing game!

  9. I disagree with IGN comment, hate me or not, when i got the game, first thing that captured me is the music and the whole atmosphere…despite being isolated, everything in this world looks alive, funny at it seems but it is to me. I love this game and i just hated myself that i just found this game just now.

  10. My wife joins in with advice and support on this game. We enjoyed til it got dark and creepy. 90 percent of it is relaxing and awesome though. I am a brand new Xbox gamer and played this game for days exclusively. Kudos to the development team. It is not uninteresting and shallow as the mistaken reviewer claims. Imagine controlling a good Disney mostly bright and colorful animated is that engaging.

  11. This is one of the first games in a long time to elicit an emotional response from me. The story is not obvious, but piecing it together is part of the fun. Should have been at least an 8/10.

  12. Y'all do know this game is about a father battling grief the boy that u place as is his son and each stage his him battling throughout the different emotions he's facing all the stages and emotions in order denial,anger,bargaining,depression,acceptance

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