IGN Reviews – Professor Layton and the Last Specter Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new game Professor Layton and the Last Specter. Could this new entry in the beloved puzzle series be the best of the bunch?


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  1. It's funny. I've played all the other Layton games, but I never paid any attention to this one. I only watched this video review for the first time today. πŸ˜› I should probably get this, considering how insanely epic it looks.

  2. @magicalkitten1 The RPG is just in the US version and the japanese version of the game, not in the european version. In the japanese version it get's unlocked after you beat the game, in the US version it's available from the beginning.

  3. very good puzzle game,, i'm very close to end, so far i've spent 16 hrs now doing just the main story. So addicting and the story is entertaining and intense.

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