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  1. I played this game for about an hour. It was more frustrating then fun. Just learning the melee combat to the shooting to reloading to crafting to trying to get a fire going, I found a military base, maneuvered through the mechs, that was fun, found a bunch of ammo and a gun and a mag for it, but I cant cook the bear meat I got, and I'm hungry, and now frustrated…. I give up.

  2. man, vladd i just love your vids
    you guys.. just subcribe, idc if you dont like him, just subcribe. NOW!!!

    btw hope you can get to atleast 200,000

  3. Why you gotta yell oh shit oh shit and scream like a 11 year old cunt every -10 seconds for fucks sakes. Is there any normal calm people that act their age on this fucking platform anymore? Why the fuck would Youtube recommend this clown to me im puzzled.

  4. Game looks pretty good for the stage its at… and even more so when compared to the janky shit some devs release. One issue imo is the tree chopping, needs to be either rust or the forest like.

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