Switching To The Pocophone F1…

The Pocophone F1 has generated a lot of interest. It’s time to review the Poco F1. WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… The Truth About The Huawei P20 Pro……


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  1. Cutting corners in security, my xiaomi redmi pro has bloat malware out of the box. For example the notepad, filexplorer, keyboard bloatware, calc…

  2. Unbox Therapy is turning Chinese! We dont like china in America. Are you America Unbox therapy? America is designed in California Made in China. Not designed in China Made in Chine, 😛 :O

  3. Xiaomi will be the number one company in the world after at least 5 years.
    And one of the biggest companies overall in the whole world after 10 years!

    Mark my words

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