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  1. I feel like the game was just changed from looking hyper realistic to looking a little more comicy and vibrant tbh. Not necessarily that it was graphically downgraded just the art direction was slightly changed to fit the tone of the game.

  2. people complaining so much about the "downgrade" when it's not even that bad…

    maybe that's why im more comfortable with the Nintendo fan base…they care more about the quality of the game play than the graphics

  3. I've seen worse. I did like the darker rougher spidey outfit and the explosions! But the release version isn't awful. Honestly I'm surprised our technology isn't yet to the point where realistic lighting and particle rendering is a non-issue for the hardware restrictions of consoles.

  4. The left looks like a live action real spiderman movie and the final realise looks animated and even if it is only the lighting the lighting is taking away detail from the spiderman suit

  5. Graphically it's looks the same, the only difference I can see are the colors and time of day (which gives it different lighting). I do prefer the more dulled other colors from the e3 trailer though.
    (I also preferred the logo designs on the suit from the original launch trailer).

  6. I prefer the newer color scheme. The pre alpha looked kinda dull in terms of color. Everything is much more saturated now and has more pop. Which fits a Spider-Man game better in my opinion.

  7. E3 looks way better. The final release has way less detail especially on Spiderman's suit, and the whole game looks yellow. Also where's the puddles?!

  8. Both sides look nice, one side is lacking certain things and vice versa, nothing dramatic. for example on the E3 2017, when spidey pins down the bad guy to the ground you see the puddle splash, then on the 2018 release when you see the wide angle shot of the chopper on the web you see an additional traffic lights. They both look great.

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