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  1. I have to say that this is one of the worst games I have ever played, and I loved the first Styx game. The game is extremely repetitive and boring as well as being filled with bugs. I encountered a bug where I literally couldn't progress in a level and another where a boss couldn't attack. Don't buy this game.

  2. May I suggest you stop overlaying the video with massive extended titles (the ones with the red background)? It's very annoying.

  3. Truthfull co-op review NOT RECOMMENDED for coop, very broken
    + Awesome single player experience which makes it a very good game.
    + Really cool to play together, one of the few games
    around where this actually is possible beside Saints row series.
    I just love this even if it doesnt seem tested before release.


    – No playing around in co-op mode, second player is just extra life
    for the first player and have to wait for all the time when a risk
    is being taken.

    – No save possibility as in Styx 1, which means no relaxed feel
    when you try to teamwork, when you see 2 targets you seldom
    dare to try to take them out because if you fail you will have to 
    restart the whole map even if you managed to finish first part of it. 

    – Why play as goblin when it makes clumsy noises by default, really weird.

    – No playtesting in co-op by the devs to see what is actual fun

    – Vials of life (hp drink) is of no use except you can
    get hit by a dagger and survive, in first game there was a chance to take a stab
    but actually win the fight.

    – You MUST take turns when you play in co-op mode otherwise it don´t work
    which unfortunatly doesnt make it an enjoyable co-op experience ;(

    – No zone where to respawn in like it is supposed too, We played one part of a level 
    and then came to second part where it was a zone ingame after cutscene, then when
    we both died we had to restart from the whole level which seems very bugged.

    Hopefully the devs will release a patch which makes it 
    possible to save ingame like it was in first game and put 
    the fun into co-op.

    If you like many others feel that the broken co-op needs to be fixed and allready spent more than 2 hours on it then join us in this thread and perhaps the devs will listen to us:

  4. Funny how the reviewer acknowledges the improved combat but not the less recycled levels. Marking down recycled levels as a major con but not establishing that it does so heavily less than MoS. Also where is the praise for the improved controls, a major issue from MoS? Styx can now grab ledges guaranteed before falling off them and theres actual true ledge detection now.. and Styx running speed has even been increased to get through levels more quickly.

  5. "Classic Tolkien". The entire point of Orcs and Men was to subvert Tolkien-esque worlds. This is just comical. Tolkien didn't invent Elves. Even Conan predates Tolkien.

  6. IGN logic – MGS V – Good gameplay, pretty bad story, recycles missions. – 10/10 best game ever made
    – Styx: Shards of Darkness – Good gameplay, pretty bad story, recycles missions – 7.8

  7. Not a big deal, but I'm surprised he kept comparing this one to #2 and talked like the original "Of Orcs and Men" didn't exist.

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