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  1. Interesting. This review is kinda what I anticipated the movie would be. Still debating whether I should watch it to form my own opinion.

    Also, not that I mind Clint narrating IGN videos, but can someone explain to me why Cinefix and IGN are collaborating more and more these days?

  2. Arnie, should be back, if this is a sequel, i don´t understand Shane´s choice on this, but i´ll have to see it in a theather, this is my favorite alien creature ever, hope they can make a sequel every 2 years 🙂

  3. Christopher Robin – 4.0
    Mission Impossible: Fallout – 7.7
    The Predator- 6.5

    The Happytime Murders – 8.0

    Not starting anything here. Just presenting the facts.

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