Fireteam Chat Ep 178 – Destiny 2: Forsaken Review Roundtable Discussion – IGN’s Destiny Show

This week the Destiny 2 fans get together to talk about what their impressions were about the campaign of Forsaken.


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  1. Spoiler podcast: Oh but don't spoil the strike, or the dreaming city, or anything aside from the base story… great spoiler cast I heard "I won't spoil" it 8 times

  2. about the infusing system i dont like to farm materials but is acceptable , just would've liked that you wouldn't need masterwork cores to do it, i know spider sells them but he raises the price each time you buy one ,so i buy like 3 or 4 on each day reset

  3. To be honest, I couldn't care less about what everyone said about Destiny dying and what not. Its a fun and emotional game, well worth the money, great with friends or without.

  4. I wish they'd add another page for shaders. I still have shaders going to postmaster because you can't hold more then 50. You can buy them from collections sure but it's still annoying. Plus Raul doesn't let you dismantle all of them only certain ones which sux too.

  5. With CJ constantly checking and texting on his phone throughout this conversation, it makes me wonder how much of this is scripted to spin the "review" in a positive light. Not very professional to be on your phone when presenting a review to the public about a game that could really use a constructive conversation weighing its pros and cons.

  6. The dilemma with Uldren isn't that should you kill him because he's weak, it's that should you kill him because he wasn't himself. He was being controlled for the most part by whatever dark force he was communing with, so you're going to kill a man that's potentially innocent? And it cuts to black because Bungie wanted it to be ambiguous whether it was you or Petra that shot him. Depending on your morality the story can go either way.

  7. Made it 502 light. Don’t feel like grinding like a stripper on a pole again, to get ahead like in Destiny 1. DLC’s alright, but at $40, its overpriced. It should’ve came with the annual pass.

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