The Next Big Crypto Bull Run 2018 2019 – Bakkt Bitcoin ETF News!

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September 25th – Ripple, Nasdaq, ICE, Circle, Kraken etc. meeting with congressman Warren Davidson on September 25th to discuss ICO regulation –

September 30th – SEC Bitcoin ETF decisions –

Bakkt launch in November – ICE + Starbucks + Microsoft
Media will pump this news
Bakkt announced today they have a “physical” ETF –
CEO said “”A critical element to price discovery is physical delivery. Specifically, with our solution, the buying and selling of Bitcoin is fully collateralized or pre-funded.”

Significant positive news about adoption of the top 8-10 cryptos in the market.

Things to keep in mind
Big money is waiting for custodial and safeguards to be put into place before investing, this is why Coinbase and Bakkt are offering custodial services etc.
Manipulation in the market – prices are going to go low but NOT TOO LOW where the retail investors give up hope. Whales need retail investors to make money. Whales will buy in at the lows not the highs. Notice the current prices are moving sideways – why didn’t it keep going down? Why didn’t bitcoin go to $3K?

Wall Street and financial media(CNBC Fast Money) work together. They coordinate and do favors for each other. They work together to play on emotions of retail investors.

Politicians and government officials are bought – get campaign donations from Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. These firms are looking to make money off crypto, many have stated publicly they are building crypto investment services and have hired top traders to lead their crypto services.
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Disclaimer – Thinking Crypto and Tony Edward are not financial or investment experts. You should do your own research on each cryptocurrency and make your own conclusions and decisions for investment. Invest at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose. This channel and its videos are just for educational purposes and NOT investment or financial advice.


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  1. I think this is video is the best summary of what is about to happen in crypto immediate future. I am saying the same things to my peeps and listening to this channel for the first time gave me a feeling of this guy is speaking the same as what I'm saying to people. This video nailed my beliefs of all the down market and the future gains and basically everything bang on the head to how I think.

    This is my first channel I am subscribing to that doesn't force me for big airdrooa

  2. obviously they knew this was going on for many months and have spent the last 9 months tanking the price and bringing it down to make it as cheap as possible while they accumulate as much as possible. so they can then, as they have done now, Let It Go and Let It naturally move on the markets and then there billionaire and Trilliomaire customers are going to come in and buy their Bitcoin off them at the higher price. As they have been buying it cheap now , they're going to sell it expensive in November and they're not going to let it tank again like this. They're not going to push it down like this ever again because they never going to want their billionaire clients useing their custody services to lose that sort of money and have them walk away from it. as this is a major money maker. They have gone years with same old services and same old stock market to an entirely new market that they can make a ton more new money from. So they are going to want to keep them inside their services happily instead of pushing the price down. If the prices come down like they just have and it has any smell of manipulation then they are lose their clients to these new services that have come out of thin air allowing them to probably double their revenue . theyre going to do everything they can to keep it up but obviously this manipulation is what's been going on for months. Crypto has always had whales manipulating the office and it's easy to do in such a small market at the start so if they are building these services and there is no regulation then they too will use their billions to drive prices down. They probably stopped Bitcoin from going over 20k realising they could drive it down and then have a second start at it but this time buying as much as they can to then sell when they open their new services. The big group of them knew this was happening and they've been going hard and in it together. This doesn't just happen over night. This has been being planned and studied this entire time. If you haven't noticed, they have left the market to run naturally right now and you'll notice big news good or bad doesn't affect the prices. It never has. It only does anything to the prices when whales use that news to push or raise the price because people here believe the news is controlling it when it's not. It's whales and they use the news to move prices because most will believe it's the news when if everyone just knew straight away it was whales the entire time then the market would not flourish. It would be dead. Crypto has always been this way. Look at china fud last year. It had been banned in China multiple times but last year a tweet was sent out in Chinese and it was translated by whales to say china was banning it and they would then use their major publications to follow on that news story and for us to believe it was being banned. Then it turned out that the tweet wasn't translated correctly and the Chinese finance minister said those weren't his words and they aren't banning Bitcoin but they are looking at regulating ICO's. Our whales have gone from computer geeks with thousands of 1 cent Bitcoin and a handful of people controlling majority of bitcoin,s, to legitimate billionaires and trillionaire investment funds in the crypto market controlling it. They only need to move their bifcon to scare people. Just watch sell walls. They set a sell wall when there is bad news and others see that and think by the time all that sells it will be much cheaper so they sell their coins lower and the whales keep driving those walls down but their sell walls never ever get touched. See thing when they want to drive prices up. Bitcoin to 20k by November and then 60k very quickly and continuing on for a few dips here and there until it reaches 200k. One thing about crypto is nobody wants to say the prices they really think because they don't want to be ridiculed but the Bitcoin price is ALWAYS much higher than people can actually imagine is possible. Always.

  3. Any idea how the prosahres ETF will be announced by the SEC and Where will the news on the decision be made?

    Ive gone on to the SEC website but cant see any relevant links.


  4. I am optimistic ..BUT I can feel the tension in the market . It drops 30 % for fun . The volatile market hasn't been volatile for 6 months ,its been consistently down not volatile . Hopefully we will see it go the other way for a change this year .

  5. So the big money has safeguards in place, or will. For the rest of us, Do you think there will be a service available to us similar to a bank where we can place our digital assets with some type of backing such as FDIC?

  6. Now that's a level headed video. For all of you that are not in the US, big money really does drive all of government decisions here. No lambo / moon by the end of the month crap. Good info.

  7. Why would retail investors give up hope if prices go down so low? Especially if they know that crypto-technology is the future. Don’t they want blood in the streets so that they can swoop in and clean house?

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