IGN Reviews – Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Game Review

IGN gives its video review of the new Marvel Comics game Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Does Spidey swing through to deliver a hit or is this reboot not worth your …


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  1. Terrible review. Did not explore the interesting parts of the game such as the challenged where you can unlock suits and etc. Also, the story has a great plot twist and deserves credit. Additionally there is upgrades to their fighting abilities which makes the combat more fun

  2. When I first "got" Edge of Time I thought it was the first of the series and Shattered Dimensions being the second.But oh boy,I was wrong.Why did EoT looked so bland compared to SD? Isn't a sequel supposed to be better than the first one?

  3. Wow the fact the video has more dislikes than likes says it all. The game was great and the art style was really nice aswell especially the detail on the suits and the combat system was great. The gave a real look into the differences and similarities between Spider-Man 2099 and normal peter. I love Miguel so this game was a god send for me

  4. I'm going to be honest, I loved this game it came out, (played it constantly) but over time it just got more repetitive to me compared to shattered dimensions, there wasn't much variety the voice acting is great, and the story was ok but it's not a game I see myself coming back to

  5. "Shattered Dimensions was that very rare thing: a good Spider-Man game."

    You mean except for Maximum Carnage on SNES…Spider-Man on PS1…and Spider-Man the movie game on PS2…and Spider-Man 2…and Ultimate Spider-Man…and Spider-Man 3 on PS3 (it was pretty good)…and Shattered Dimensions.

  6. Why a 4.5? It is shattered dimensions with a new paint job and a better focus on a story sure its repetitive but it at least needs a 6.5. That's just my opinion.

  7. I felt that the way time travel was executed in this game was very poor. They could've experimented with the concept of quantum causality with much broader situations( Peter Parker being the CEO is an exception). But somehow destroying an elevator some 80 years prior has an observable affect on Spider-Man 2099. A lot of the situations that they used for quantum causality just seemed like fillers to establish that time travel is involved in the game, but they never put the opportunity to better use.

  8. how tf is it extremely repetitive I can understand that it gets a little boring sometimes but what about the chase scene with the dock ock venom thing and where you're running away from explosions and the boss fights were good except for the black cat one but the one against anti venom where you swich from peter to miguel was good whatever everybody has opinions (this guy probably has the shittiest opinion)

  9. And still we didn't get a stand alone Spiderman Noir game to this day. And everybody was asking for it since the arrival of Shattered Dimensions. Now that's LAZY!!! Activision listen closely, come on everybody let's shout together – WE WANT NOIR SPIDEY!!! WE WANT NOIR SPIDEY!!! WE WANT NOIR SPIDEY!!!

  10. Dumbest and most hypocritical review ive ever seen ign get your shit right when your doing spiderman game reviews you seriously dont know how to do it your probably going to do the same with the new spidermanps4

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