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  1. This game is crap! Even for being free, its boring. No story, keep getting killed in 3 vs 1 battles.. respawing takes u back to the beginning… etc. this game is awful. One of the worst ive ever played! Thank Cthulu i didn’t BUY this game!

  2. Hand to hand violence lol. Hand to hand combat sounds way better And the fact the games so short and it takes so long to learn attacks. You have to grind for 30 hours just for one attack

  3. The game is a mess on ps4 visually. Horrible motion blur with ghosting as the camera pans. Also juddery as hell, really poor frame rate. Also screen tears regularly. Put me right off playing past a few minutes.

  4. Glad I watched the review before downloading it for free lol. It looks so underdeveloped. It has potential but… not enough for a download just yet.

  5. The game stutters a lot. And its not the online because ive tested it on offline mode. this game came out 10 months ago like seriously. If they have to lower the graphics then do it.

  6. I like the game but the pve feels unfair solo because of the multipule enemy fights that make cool mini-bosses torture to fight. PvP feels like a button mashing fest and people only use the drunk fighting style (the best for button mashing). Parries feel useless because they only give half a second to hit or you will be button mashed to death. 7/10 overall.

  7. My biggest complaint is that the map system is horrible to look at. It took forever for me to figure out where I was in relation to what I'm looking for. Otherwise it's amazing but unfinished

  8. This somehow reminds me of the old N64 Hibrid Heaven. Just me? It had a move-learning mechanic as well. But it was a really diferent tone (scifi with aliens and presidential clones and mutants and whatnots… quite crazy)

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