Destiny 2: Forsaken Review (FINAL)

Destiny 2: Forsaken is everything we could have hoped for in an expansion to Bungie’s shared-world shooter – and more. Destiny 2: What We Hope Forsaken …


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  1. Okay I'm sorry, but you're telling me this expansion improves destiny as in adds content?…? anyone notice the trend yet? And still waste money on this? Sorry I'll go back to playing spiderman a way better game and it's only 60 dollars

  2. A new enemy type? They're literally the fallen. I'm done with this trash. Bungie has become a shadow of its former self, IGN are still whores for sale.

  3. I hate this dlc because players that bought this game not even a month since it launched but can't aford the dlc cant get the op weapons but the ones that bought it can!!!

  4. Nice, but is too little to late and TOO EXPENSIVE of a expansion….

    Im quit D2 when they mess up the endgame of the base game on launch, and I was glad I didn't pre order any of the DLC's.

  5. Yeah, I'll be spending my hard earned money on something better like RDR2. Not gonna bother throwing money in to Bungie after what they pulled. Sure this got a 9, that's great. But I won't be going back to this franchise. You know something is wrong when the best character of the franchise gets killed off and Fillion leaving the project as well.

  6. People need to stop comparing the rating of Spider-Man to games of different genres. I agree Spider-Man deserves a higher rating. But different types of games are rated on different merits.

  7. I love how this guy just assumes that every disagreeing comment is someone that hasn’t played this. Assumptions based on inexistent evidence made to YOUR viewers is unprofessional man.

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