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  1. I played it 3 times now. I didn't get through the first story part. The Anarchist kills me every time. And then I HAVE TO PLAY IT ALL AGAIN! I can't just restart a fight, I can't Skip a fight, I can't ignore a fight. If I only want to play the story. So where is that frustrating part of information in your review? That Game isn't an 8.. Made a Let's Play with a verdict on my channel.

  2. 14 hours!?!?! I've played it for ~50 already and completed half of the challenges, wtf? Tbf I replayed some of them to get the gold score, but still, how on earth can you complete this game in 14 hours?!

  3. It's a rare gem these days to get actual good reviews where the reviewer sounds genuinely invested in the game and knowledgeably on the subject. Thanks dude.

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