History of Virtual Reality – Reality Check

Cam begins his journey into virtual reality with a look back at the history of this fascinating technology, from Original Retro to Oculus Rift. Check out Cam’s …


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  1. Well in kind of a shitty way you skipped over Virtuality and the promise they delivered – this was my first experience of VR and it was genuinely mind blowing at the time. They had a range of games including an amazing flight sim. The graphics really weren't an issue. It was also one of the first truly social gaming experiences. Most arcades couldn't afford them, and it was significantly more expensive to play than other arcade cabs, that was the issue.

  2. Thank you so much for this really interesting video!
    Could someone tell me why the Sensorama had been a flop? Why it wasn't
    utilized that much? Do you have any documentation about that?

  3. Such a daft video, "virtual reality" is not simply a case of putting on a head set, Virtual Boy was in no way a genuine attempt at virtual reality, they were just 3D games, try pluggng your OR in to Second Life and you already got full VR. (SL has been in development longer than OR btw).

  4. Lets see what milestones did you miss:
    vfx1, victormax stunt master, released at 90's VR peak
    virtual i/o, scuba, released on decline
    Also never mentioned jonathan walden, creator of the 1st commercial VR company
    Then there is virtual reality therapy
    Hollywood hype like, virtuosity, lawnmower man and johnny mnemonic

  5. I think that gamedevs started from wrong side. Sorry for bad english. I want to say that they integrated only compatibility with VR glasses into their games but you still play with keyboard+mouse or gamepad. But i want to interact with every object of the gameworld. Like to take a brick and beat with it a zombie in Dying Light for example, stick my fingers into its eyes, take a stone and throw it into a window so it would break. I know that VR is about immersion, but games are about interaction at first place, then immersion.

  6. The virtual boys nausea… Well Nintendo did fix that a while later with the 3ds line.

    Id still recommend a 3ds xl or one of the N3ds models to avoid your comfort zone being outside the 3d target zone…

    the N3ds apparently has the same benefits as IPS (VS TN) panels that it has a larger reach.

  7. The fall of VR in the 90's makes me think of the "Death" of video games way back when. (Can't remember the year.) Video games were revived by Nintendo, but at the same time, Nintendo killed VR for a bit… Well at least they revived video games!

  8. I tried something like the Sensorama at the 2009 NY comic con, where you went inside a booth and wore some 3d binocular looking device that allowed you to watch a movie in 4D with the typical 4D movies effects, i.e: water, wind, bibration and such.

  9. I could imagine if they do manage to come up with true virtual reality in the form of a Nerve Gear, alot of people would die from various reasons. 
    Virtual reality will never work, not until we've developed technology thats only seen in science fiction.

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