IGN Reviews – Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Game Review

IGN gives its video review for the new game Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon .The newest EDF stays true to fans while providing improved graphics.


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  1. The PC version off steam after you patch the exe to 60fps, looks better than the upcoming 4.1 version.(Mostly due to a different team designing this game with a different engine). Steam with addons for 11 bux is best bang for your buck!

  2. i dont think they should put scores at the end of reviews anymore. it tends to get backlash from fanboys more than anything. I also think that by setting scores it tends to make the game seem worse or better than what was intended in the actual review, such as this one. he claims that the game is really fun which in my oppinion if its fu nand it works thats an automatic 8.

  3. Hard to believe this game got a good review on IGN of all places. The short length of the campaign is a huge detraction, but DAMN is the game fun, and I've never seen such epic scale in a game before.

  4. This game references a lot of "Swarm bug" frachises
    like starship troopers (did anyone hear one of the soldiers say "Come on you apes. you wanna live forever!"

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