IGN Reviews – Rock of Ages Game Review

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IGN gives its video review for the new hilarious tower defense game Rock of Ages. Does this creative new title have more going for it then humor? IGN’s …


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  1. Because people like different things and not everyone games on a PC like you think they should. I didn't find it any thing torturous about completing this on console, not even defense building which is fine on the controller.

  2. Can´t believe what I heard:
    "some of the most priced and beautifull pieces of art appear in rock of ages, but never in the way aou´d expect"…

    And he didn´t even mention Monty Python!

  3. he says that it's all about controlling the rock, but if you have a good strategy the enemy is pretty much fucked … 😐 looks like this dude sucks at this game if he gave it a minus for the building time ..

  4. using a controller is slow and clumsy … than use a fucking PC .. it's not the game's problem that consoles suck at games 😐 ….

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