The iPhone XR Is Depressing… (Response to Unbox Therapy)

EP. 736 – The iPhone XR Is Depressing… (Response to Unbox Therapy) Lew, from Unbox Therapy, dropped a video about why he thinks the iPhone Xr is …


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  1. i disagree, what is stopping apple from giving us atleast 1080p jon? it just doesnt make sense, lets cut the "atleast apple tried" crap, its damage control like this that makes these companies feel they can get away with stuff like this, its 2018 for crying out loud.. 1080p in itself is ALREADY cutting a corner… which is why companies like one plus are still giving us 1080p a RESPECTABLE compromise, and they arent nearly as wealthy as apple.

  2. Unbox therapy has 12 million subscribers. You have 12 thousand? He is talking to the average consumer, and for the average consumer this phone sucks for value. Just because they sell a lot doesn't mean the phone is good!

  3. I agree with UBT on this one. For 750 USD I expect a better resolution. Apple consumers do exhibit a sheep-like mentality whether you want to believe that or not. Gone are the days when I spend my money because of brand name. I'm all about the specs and build quality these days, don't give one peep about brand name.

  4. Totally get that the average customer doesn't care about screen resolution, but if they really could have put a higher resolution screen for not cost penalty (if that's actually true) would that not have been the right thing to do? #ftpkickstart

  5. FPT Kickstart.
    I like the XR, might get a red one and sell my Pixel 2. My sister bought the iPhone X when it came out, and she loves Face ID.
    The fingerprint scanner on my Pixel 2 may be faster, but it fails at least a couple times per day.

  6. Frankly sir, saying that $750 is okay because it isn't $1000 or $1500 is not a valid argument.

    Frankly I don't care about the whole resolution thing (or anything about Apple really.

  7. Well… Youtubers are gonna do what YouTubers are gonna do. Apple is gonna do whatever they wanna do. And FPT says whatever they wanna say. I don't think there's anything wrong in Unbox Therapy or anyone who is campaigning for better bang for your buck phones even at the high end tier.

  8. Disagree. Period. Apple clearly can use old processor and put a better screen. That's a better choice. Sorry, I kinda dislike you after this video. You are more likely an apple fan but not talking the truth.

  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion… and I think you're wrong Jern. The XR is using a cheap LCD for the simple fact that they know that this will sell the most so they made sure the product has the biggest margin. I mean come on, you're getting 1 of the 3 most powerful phones out there? Yeah sure, but you can't watch a 1080p video on it, it may have the best SOC out there but it can't use it because it's hampered by it's display. Come on $750 and I CAN'T WATCH FULL HD videos! It's 2018 FFS man we're already at 4k and all and 720 videos are ok?

  10. Always keepin it ?, that’s what keeps me coming back. The Xr will undoubtedly be the best selling iPhone because like you’ve so eloquently put the average consumer could careless about a screen resolution… all they want is a phone that works well, has a great camera, and lasts throughout the day… the Xr does all of this and much more. Great vid Jon keep up the great work!

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