Low budget VR Gaming

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If you want to get into virtual reality, but all you have is a cheap gaming PC and no money for an HTC Vive or Oculus rift, there is still some hope left. Here is a …


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  1. Oh man, finally. I have had the idea of experimenting with budget/low end VR in my head for more than a year.

    It’s easy to see the appeal for someone who likes to experiment with budget friendly technology; VR is so computationally intensive that a mid end computer quickly becomes a low end computer while using VR. I just could never get the money or justify buying a headset so I started experimenting with the idea of using some substitute like Vridge.

    And then riftcat agreed to sponsor this video and I knew the stars had finally aligned.

    This is the first of what may be more VR related experiments. You know how I like to experiment. If you are a fan more of the regular tweaking videos then do not worry, next Saturday we are back to those. In fact, I am going on a little trip I have been planning for a long time soon so I am putting some extra time to research/record enough content that I can then edit on the road. There is going to be some good stuff there.

  2. why even attempt? you need 90 fps minimum to not puke your guts out. also isn't immersion the whole point of vr? you're just ruining the whole point of vr. honestly if you don't have the budget for a rift and a powerful enough pc (that means a 970 gtx MINIMUM) don't even attempt virtual reality, its trash and its not worth it. this video really shows how you did your research there.

    the best option for budget vr is playstation vr, and even that sucks ass.

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