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  1. We got a portable gaming console capable of running Xbox 360 games on the go… And we complain and cry about it being trash for not displaying/running Xbox one games?

    Seriously people, sure it could be better, it could actually run better with the same hardware (it's under clocked) but it will cost much more.

  2. I have Fifa18 on Switch since launch and at glance I can tell how much it improved compared to the last year version. My score for this review i 0 out of 10.

  3. Who even cares about EA nowadays?
    I bought my switch to play exclusives and indies on the go,not to play microtransaction-filled annual AAA releases

  4. STOP PLAYING ON AMATEUR ,I CAN'T TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY . It corrupts your review and points cause you're playing on the lowest settings,you do it on the main version of the game as well.

  5. At one point, people will have to start questioning why Fifa, soccer games, are the only games with missing features on the Switch… when other games actually have more features on the Switch.

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