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  1. It just looks and plays like Uncharted. And don't be like "Tomb Raider was first". Yes it was first with it's unique 3d adventure. HOWEVER Uncharted was first to showcase a proper adventure game for our new generation. So why do we praise Tomb Raider these days for basically ripping off Uncharted in every terms of aspects? Play the Uncharted-trioligy yourself and you will see it's far more superior then this shallow clone.

  2. This game is 7.5 at best …the cover system is broken, story is mediocre,no blind shooting,no creative puzzle…and y the hell is there so much emphasis on the bow?? You need the bow to do almost everything in this game

  3. I miss the old Tomb Raider where Lara fought animals and explored dark spooky tombs instead of gunning down people. When did Lara become a bigger man eater than Rambo? Where are the damn animals!? That's what attracted me to the series…..

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