You’ve Never Seen A Drone Like This…

Zerotech Dobby Drone (USA Link) – Zerotech Dobby Drone (International) – Had the chance …


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  1. What I would love to see drone like that which you could just take out your pocket and throw in the air (without any preparations, except press a button) and it would unfold itself and start to hover.

  2. What a stupid video… This happens if noobs talking about quadcopter. Stressing animals with a quadcopter should be a no-go for every pilot. Because of such people we ve got our stupid drone-law in Germany.

  3. I read some reviews about this product on amazon, and it sucks. According to the reviews, it only lasts for about 5 min. and either the charger breaks or the batteries don't charge. And $200 dollars?!? (Its 200 not 400) That's a huge waste of money! Instead of buying this drone for $200, you should save up for a switch that costs $300. I have one and it's A LOT better than this drone. Also, always read the reviews on products. I was considering getting this.

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