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  1. Honestly, I personally love this game and I didn't know what I was getting into when I first played this and I was surprised how beautiful the scenery was. The graphics we're awesome and the physics, I loved the "golden age" Asia feel. Now it's time to see how far cry 5 is which takes place in an opposite location.

    Also the protagonist was awesome and the story line was probably the best I know so far just because how pegan wasn't actually the bad guy in fact he was my favorite character and I liked his back story.

    Also the choices you get in the game makes the story different for individuals, and you had to think what your choice was going to be because you can't change your choice

    I would rate it a much higher rating (more efficient)

  2. I wouldn´t give a 8.5 my verdict is 7.0 because in my opinion the story is quite boring, although the game has a good amount of characters they are not so interesting…

  3. Pegan Min was a great villain, but he wasn't in the story enough along with his leaders Yuma, Noore, & Paul. If they were in the game more this would be a 9/10 no question

  4. I like this game, would probably say it’s the best game I ever played after FarCry 3. Yes the story is slightly not strong in compare to FarCry 3 but still overall missions are good even outposts and other missions are good.

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