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  1. I'm a black female. He wouldn't catch my eye initially because I don't find him physically attractive…and that's the first think we judge potential mates by, sad but true. It has nothing to do with his nerdiness (I'm a nerd too) or skin color (my fiance is his complexion). My fiance is not "ghetto", nor am i "rachet". There is a black woman out there for him though. Male nerds of all races tend to be socially awkward and may have trouble dating. I'd argue that a white woman who would date him is dating him for different reasons than a black woman would anyway…but that's another video:)

  2. Also, I'll add that I think a number of black males have actually convinced themselves that black women prefer thugs/hoodlums. What these guys are not admitting is, perhaps the black women whom THEY deem attractive (i.e. the beyonce types) go after such males, but the truly desirable black women with something to offer are not interested in a thug/hoodlum. The question is, are men like brownlee interested in black women who do not resemble beyonce, rhianna, etc? Is he interested in a dark skin/brown skin, studious/natural haired black woman??

  3. I don't think Marquis has any issues attracting black women. I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was into white women. I've noticed that mostly dark black males are very much interested in dating non blacks.

  4. If I were looking looking, I would pass on both. Weird and funny looking just don't fly with most. Oshay's issue is not with Black Women, but his parents for making him unattractive.

  5. There are SO many black nerd groups online full of black women and men who love each other and want each other. If a black male nerd wants to date a black female nerd, he just needs to go to where those women are & vice versa.

  6. this Marques guy is one of the most famous youtubers. and he has been since probably high school. You really think black girls in his school wouldnt like him?gtfoh he has options even as a kid…..and when he shows up with his non black girlfriend there is no way he can ever turn around and say, "black women didnt like him"

  7. I listen to a number of YT videos, but you Sir are one of the FEW that I am subscribed to.
    This is an excellent video, and it highlights what I have been saying all along. These guys that complain about black women's dating choices and constant thug blaming are Low level Beta Males.
    Rather than offer solutions, like your channel does, they bitch and whine about why black women don't choose " good black men " , but choose thugs and bad boys instead.

    Keep up the good work. Continue to show brothers where they should be directing their energy

  8. I like Marqes Brownlee and been subscribed to his channel for 3 years.
    I'm a nerd and I don't look like one at all, people mostly peg Me as another typical Black Woman who don't know nothing. Once My intellect is unleashed on those who underestimate My knowledge it's like speed knots upside their heads.
    I don't mean to sound like I'm a braggart, however, My Intellect has a very, very wide range from knowing high quality shoes to Metaphysics, to firearms, construction, growing food, NYS laws, to breeding dogs/cats, culinary, Voodoo, electrical technology, gambling, power tools, the Black Panthers, financial investments, Ebonics, etc., etc.
    I grew up with a jack-of-all trades father who took the time to open My mind to all kinds of things, and, I have "Ghetto Nerds" in My Family.
    Just don't ask Me about Allopathic Medicine or sports those I don't know too much about.

  9. +Shakaama …….This is the most factually and intellectually dishonest video I have ever heard. JaguarPF made a video about this topic that explains the real situation correctly. The vast majority of Black women are not interested in you Shakaama, Marques Brownlee, Oshay, JaguarPF, Donald Glover, or any Black male that is "outside of the box". You are lying to yourself if you think otherwise. Donald Glover described the current state of the Black male when he said "White males can wear any hat they choose, but for Black males, one size fits all"……..Not too long ago, I was watching a "Married to Medicine" episode where the Black wife of the orthopedic surgeon (median income $450k per year) spoke about how her friends and family tried to persuade her not to be with the doctor when they first started dating because he was "too corny" and "lame". "Black" first or second generation Black American women may give Black men like Marques Brownlee a pass, but most would not risk the social stigma of dating anyone remotely similar to him……Oshay is a medical student and lives in Poland, and you describe him as "ratchet" and all of the Black women he encounters are "ratchet"??????? This whole video is very disingenuous.

  10. Marques is a cool guy. The problem is that people are so used to inarticulate, uneducated black men talking about ratched black women on YouTube that it's surprising when someone like him pops up. But Marques is the kind of black male I encounter every day. He's average. I don't encounter trifling black men in my world.

  11. Your title is somewhat misleading. I didn't see "Re:" before the title.

    Enjoyed your video. Ratchet white women wouldn't see value in Marques or his type, either.

    Oshay is still mad he didn't get girls in HS and college so now he cries on Youtube.

  12. When you hear people complain about black women not dating guys who are squares, the truth is they actually consider themselves to be squares and they in fact want the black women they deride. Remember, these people consider themselves to be squares. Remember how in high school the nerds complained about the popular girls who ignore them? same principle.

  13. A Timeless question at hand most of us people of color especially women of African descent are scared of a strong intelligent melanated men of color!…. when will the wakening occur?

  14. Most black women have been raped or sexually assaulted by the age of 21. We are the most unprotected females on the planet, so we seek out warrior type men who can protect us from harm. If a nerdy guy has money to hire big strong body guards he'll have a better chance of making a black woman feel like she and her offspring will be safe from harm. I married an intimidating tall fit military man because he makes me feel safe and protected. We're all primal in instinct. My hubby is a impressive engineer, but it was his military training and experience that makes me feel safe and secure.

  15. I cant say 99% but i will say 51% plus of black women, wont be interested in The Brownlee type, Its definitely the majority. I subscribe to they guy and I assume he get's lots of white pussy by default. Shakaama will say it's due to economics but I wish I could find out where these rich black women who don't watch love and hip hop and atlanta housewives reside.

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