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  1. This is a new review of the Nintendo Switch based on where the console is today, as well as what we've learned about it using it daily for the past year and a half.


  2. Have been with my switch for about 7 months now.. And What I can say is it’s a blast having this system wherever I go.. I chosen between this and ps4 but my lack of proper time to sit down on couch to play a ps4 game is what hooked me to the switch.. At first I was skeptical cause the game library during that time is not that huge yet.. But seeing it now.. Having fortnite, Dragon ball fighter Z, even diablo 3 and warframe coming up to switch.. I bet I will ruin the Joycon Buttons and will need to buy a second set next year. Hahaha. (Jk).. To anyone having doubt to buy switch as a main console.. It’s a legit system to own even if you dont have a ps4 or xbox one.. Tho it’s still depends on your lifestyle.. My only problem is the price of the games and accessories but other than that.. It’s a total approval to have this system for me…

  3. The best time to review a game console is at the end of it's life cycle 5-7 years after because Nintendo and 3rd party titles still have great games coming.

  4. Nintendo Switch is complete trash! All it has is Mario Odyssey lol(Zelda BOTW was on Wii U and looked exactly the same as the Switch version lol)

  5. For all the people saying "Switch doesn't need Netflix. I have my phone and it has better pixel density anyway." Or something along those lines, are you forgetting that the Switch docks to a TV too?? It's convenient to just load up Netflix on my Switch than to have to Switch channels to my PS4 just to watch some videos. It makes no sense

  6. I'd rather play Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch than playing it on any other system. It got a performance update yesterday btw. It also now has a reset button for motion aiming. 🙂

  7. I don't get it why people keep trashing this console. I've never had a switch(tho I really want one) but I don't see any major problems besides being fragile but the doesn't really bother me. all I care about is the fact that I can play on the go. yes I know it's underpowered but I care more about he games it has like more than how powerful it is compared to the PS4/Xbox. I guess the switch appeals to me more because im a platformer fan

  8. I’ve been holding off on getting one since I’ve been swamped with so many games from my Xbox and PC library but with all the great games coming late this year and early next year I feel like it’s about time I make some room ?

  9. The Switch has this weird hold on me, where I just want every game to be on it. For example, the Mass Effect trilogy. I love Mass Effect, it's easily in my top 3 game franchises ever. I've dumped countless hours into them, I do at least one playthough a year (sometimes two!), bought all the DLC, got every single achievement. Plus since I got them on Xbox they're all ready to go on my Xbox One (my main platform of choice). And yet, if they put them on Switch, I'll happily buy them again all over again.
    The same thing is happening with those Final Fantasy announcements a few weeks back. I didn't like FFX that much, and had no interest at all in getting the HD remasters when they came to PS3 and later PS4. But here I am seriously considering giving it a second chance, purely because it's coming to Switch!

  10. so easily scratched when docking. battery cracking screen. this sounds like a disaster. and just really shitty graphics makes this a total mess. no built in voice chat aswell. it's simply a poor man's handheld device(not a console in my opinion)

  11. I wish it had virtual console, 1080p screen and more powerful overall, Bluetooth headphone support, and a headphone jack in the controller itself. That's basically all I wish this system has but it doesn't.

  12. After being disappointed with Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo is winning me back with the Switch. I plan to get one for Christmas this year.

    Still, I think the system is in desperate need for improvement. First, I think the system hardware needs to be upgraded. Make it as powerful as the PS4 Pro and/or Xbox One X and have the handheld screen display graphics in 1080p resolutions, and output the graphics in upscaled 4K when docked. Second, Nintendo needs to get off their high horse and improve their currently lackluster online system by adding things gamers have been screaming for like online achievements, system voice chat, cloud saves for ALL Switch games, and discounted/free games if that's possible.

  13. i love my switch, just which japanese threw a lot of attention to it like they did the nintendo ds, where they experimented with a lot of different games types.

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