Apple iPhone 6 : First Impressions

The iPhone 6 is official, here is what TechRadar thinks about the new 4.7 inch device from Apple.


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  1. iPhone 6 in 2018, upgradable to the latest version of iOS. Meanwhile an Xperia Z3 launched in the same year as the iPhone 6 is no longer supported. Sorry, no Android P for you Z3.

  2. We have this option since 2011 on BlackBerry device ! Lol!
    We can pay via NFC with BlackBerry since 2011!

    What a great revolution by Apple ! Lol

    BlackBerry 10 still the best forever !
    Does Apple have the usb host option ? Lol.

    BlackBerry Z30 is like a little computer in a pocket but not iphone 6!
    BlackBerry Z30 is better than iphone 6 because on the Z30 :

    There is a slot microsd until 128 gig.
    There is USB host that mean who can read usb key or hard drive with our smartphone. We can connect a usb mouse and a usb keyboard.
    There is HDMI port to project smartphone screen on TV.
    There is Miracast to project smartphone screen wirelessly on TV.
    There is Radio FM.
    There is the predictive smart keyboard unique.
    There is speakers stereo natural sound, louder and better than almost all smartphones
    There is the support of 98% of Android App and there is lot of native apps on the BlackBerry World apps store.
    There is a real multitasking on BlackBerry 10 and it's fast and productive. It's unique ! 
    There is a huge battery 2850 mAh who is better than almost all smartphones. The iPhone users are wall huggers.
    There is the BlackBerry Hub.
    There is BlackBerry Protect.
    There is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) who give us video call face to face with natural sound, share screen option, share cloud storage integration of Dropbox, One Drive, Box, Mega, etc
    BlackBerry is an amazing device for professionals people but also for everybody who wants the best smartphones for productivity ! I include BlackBerry Z30, Z10, Z3, Q10, Q5, Passeport, Classic! Let's go and try it ! 

    Lol Apple ! Lol little sheep Apple !

  3. Android fans are going to cry again… I don't hate android I like it but I hate samsung because they waste their time bashing a company that they can't bash.. Apple doesn't have time for that even though they did bash a company "Black Berry" sounds familiar.. Some people don't even remember them! This is just all true because I'm not a fanboy.. Okay iPhone copied but samsung did too and why the fuck is samsung raging about it when htc and other companies do it too lol jealous that iPhone is getting more attention for something samsung did.. but when samsung copied iPhone no one gave a fuck or even thought they copied from apple like google voice 

  4. Are these nerds reading from a script? Certainly seems that way!
    Good phone if you're happy with what is basically a mid range device with a rather limited os. The price is the MAJOR fail.
    No one with ANY sanity would pay that for an outdated mid range phone! Damn crazy peeps!

  5. i wish they'd shut it about retina display that still isn't even 1080p. android have all sorts of different screen types in 1080 and above. not to mention they seem to be announcing its size as if it is something drastically revolutionary where as in reality 4.7 still isn't as large as lots of other high end android phones. I'm keeping my xperia z2 (which is amazing) and would take the z3 over the iphone 6 any day.

  6. Why no full hd this sucks and it has only a doualcore with 1.4ghz 64 bit its not hi-end and the battery is also bad in few moths will come octa core 64bit smartphones from android and i will buy one of these with 2k or full hd displays .

  7. I guarantee that the dislikes came from the selfish, ignorant Fandroid trolls who do nothing but mock Apple users and embarrass the Android users that actually have common sense.

  8. i Don't see anything revolutionary about apple pay, in europe we have Mobile bank ID.. just a quick password tap and its paid.. you don't even have to be near anything special for it to work..

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