How to screencast with Chromecast

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Ever wanted to stream directly from your phone to a TV? It’s easy. Nick Pino walks through the steps using a Chromecast to stream from an iOS or Android …


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  1. considering getting this, that way might make streaming my phone game content alot easier, saves using that stupid DU recorder app i currently have on my mobile

  2. I just want to cast the video (NOT THE AUDIO), PC screens and most projectors have no audio but my iphone so when the chromecast sends the Audio which there no sound at all ….
    It would be great If you could cast to these types of devices whilst playing the audio from your phone, or speakers connected to your phone. DOES ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS ????

  3. hey I have a question. u know when u click on that cast screen and audio button(the yellow one), and after its connected, is there still going to be audio out of your phone or no? I'm hoping no. and also, when it is casting, can u turn off your phone, like put it to sleep

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