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  1. Those accelerated adverbs of this review are misplaced. This walking simulator has atmospheric graphics and a casual story tot tell. I enjoyed the 4 hours gameplay yet it doesn't justify a full price tag nor is it a highlight in my gaming career. If the reviewer goes in overdrive mode for this game it makes one wonder what grades a game like SOMA would get then.

  2. Jus finished this game in one playthrrough without watching any videos before playing it. Great game!!! Delilah reminded me of Samantha from "Her" for some reason…. Good game! Highly recommend.

  3. Does anyone else have e a problem with navigation? It seems as though you are walking through a bunch of mud the entire time and you rubber band all of the time.

  4. Got this for 6 bones on PSN. My son loves it! The back and forth between Henry and Delilah is so effortless, so in sync that it makes you want to go out and meet new people!

  5. i dont know why all hate it's ending….i think the ending is what that makes this game more emotional and hearttouching
    FIREWATCH is a unforgettable experience

  6. -People who dislike the ending are people who like things to be predictable and don’t like it when their viewpoints are being challenged.
    -The climax was the moment when the grounded-in-reality truth was revealed, it is anything but anti-climatic.
    -The reason why these people feel disappointed is that the ending happened outside of their expectations, their previous prediction that they made up in their heads are proven to be absurd and false, and they don’t like it when they’re wrong, the grounded story of the game doesn’t make them feel smart, and these people sure as hell love to feel smart, even without being smart at all most of the time.

  7. 3/10 — Firewatch might be good if not for the bugs. It is easy to get trapped in areas with no way out (falling between rocks, for example). If I'd played the game sooner after buying it, I could have demanded a refund. The developer's fix? Restart the game.

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