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  1. I have the mario kart 8 and now I got the mario kart 8 deluxe. I got it mainly because I like that I can go places and still play it if I was over at my moms friends house bored to death or going on vacation. I love the new characters. The only thing I wish they did was add new racing courses since i'm not much of a battle mode fan. I probably will try it though eventually.

  2. The only thing i hate about MK8 Deluxe is the Character Roster: Why so many koopalings, why Catmario/Peach and Silvermario/Goldpeach? There are so many characters that should be in the game instead: Birdo, Diddy, KAmek, Petey Piranha, Pauline, Hammer Bro, Prof E. Gadd.

  3. The reason they limited the options when you wanted to talk online was because kids play this game and they could learn bad thing but by keeping your options limited it's more secure for parents to let their kids play this game.

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