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  1. Once again as I said it before, Sony is just copying xbox and once again I was right! How can you call yourself the best when all your doing is ripping off other companies product's…. PlayStation fans are sucka's

  2. The sax buttons just looked awkward. Like why would you put buttons like that where your fingers naturally rest which could result in you pressing them accidentally more then a few times?

  3. I still prefer the original dualshock 4

    1. It fits my hands perfectly
    2.i like the both joysticks in the bottom
    3. The original lets me click the touchpad easily without my thumbs leaving the joystick.

  4. The fact that all of the extra buttons are limited to being duplicates of normal buttons completely destroys any reason to use this controller. Scuf, please give us PC software that lets us use the extra buttons as unique buttons. The Xbox One Elite controller can do it, so if you want PC gamers to be able to consider your controller, you have to do it too.

  5. Dont worry, ps4 players wont buy controllers where the left joystick is placed wrongly and un-ergonomic. Whoever gave them that idea? Dumb. Look at the ps4 controller, the Joysticks are placed correctly, go back and redo this thing.

  6. Terrible controller. The normal PS4 dpad is the best dpad ever made. The handles on the normal PS4 are the most comfortable ever made. And the symmetrical analog sticks are way better than not.

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