The iPhone XS And XS Max Have A Severe, Deal Breaking Issue #ChargeGate

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  1. This is not iPhone related. A minute ago I was on the ps store trying to re download a game I bought a while back called "Soma". Every time I try an error keeps popping up and Sony will not let me download it. I am also a PS Now subscriber and noticed the game is available to stream on there. My question is can Sony block you from downloading a previously purchased game to make you subscribe to PS Now? Has anyone else noticed this?

  2. Ah good ol rotten apple. To bad the general public didn't learn about apple's from snow white. 1499 for a phone that can't charge? Can't say I feel bad for the ones making these fucks rich

  3. As an Eletronic Engineer that has reverse engineered plenty of Apple products, I'll tell you, it's not just a few iPhones. Every iPhone from the 4 to the present has major issues. All of Apple's products have major issues due to poor engineering and lack of support from Apple. Apple fanboy's will disagree, but what else is new? Also, Steve Jobs was the one who told us we were holding the iPhone 4 wrong. lol

  4. Every apple fanboy ~
    We are buying them because of quality – iphone 6 plus bending.
    We are buying them for better system – unable to charge them. xdd

  5. I’m also running iOS 12.1 BETA on a XS Max and I’m not having the charging problem.

    I only ran the official iOS12 for half a day due to me NEEDING to update to 12.1 to sync/back up from my iPhone 7 Plus (also running 12.1) to get my apps back on my phone. It didn’t work 100% but #firstworldproblems. With all that said, I also didn’t notice chargegate pre 12.1 Beta on the XS Max

  6. This is what you get when you act like a loyal sheep to a corporation. Apple had to have known about this. They HAD to know. If they really, truly did not catch this, then the level of absolute incompetence here is unprecedented as far as I know

  7. I use to work for Apple Care back when the iPhone 6 came out and we were told to tell customers that it was the cases they bought for their phones that caused the phones too bend.

  8. It's the same reason they got rid of the headphone Jack. Everything has to go wireless. No one has reported this issue with wireless charging from what I've seen and apple hasn't made any statements. I honestly think it might be purposeful.

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