Top 10 New Helicopters Coming to Reinvent Vertical Lift Aircraft

The market of helicopters is rather static and new models come out far from often. But regardless of the scarcity of latest releases we still managed to gather this lineup of newcomers, that are ready to take on various tasks, from short range city flights to dangerous rescue operations and military missions all over the globe.

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Bell V-280 Valor:

As a part of the Future Vertical Lift Plan, that includes the development of a family of five differently sized military helicopters for the United States Armed Forces, Bell V-280 Valor was co-developed by Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martin.

Airbus H160:

This helicopter was previously designated as X4 and is currently marketed as the successor of the Airbus’s existing model Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin.

Lockheed Martin S-97

Lockheed Martin S-97 RAIDER is a high speed scout and attack compound helicopter is based on the Advancing Blade Concept and is planned to be offered to the United States Army’s Armed Aerial Scout program, along with other possible uses.

Sikorsky CH-53K Helicopter:

The CH-53K King Stallion is a heavy-lift cargo helicopter that is the largest and heaviest rotorcraft in service of the US marine corps.

Kmax Kaman:

You might be familiar with Kmax since it was developed by the American company Kaman Aircraft all the way back in 1991 but was returned to production in 2015.

Airbus RACER:

Airbus RACER is a high speed technology demonstrator that will complete its first flight in 2020. The aircraft will be able to fly at 247 mph cruising speed and will achieve a 15 % decrease in fuel consumption per distance.

Kopter SH09:

Kopter SH09 s a single engine utility helicopter with a maximum takeoff weight of 5800 lbs and a cruising speed of 160 mph. It is priced at $3.5 mil per unit and is scheduled to start sales in 2019.


SkyRyse a Sillicon Valley start-up that is developing autonomous VTOL aircrafts that will be used as flying taxis and cities’ first responders.

Scout Aero:

Scout Aero is a Ukrainian multi-purpose helicopter that is sold by the company directly and through its official representatives in the US and Australia. Each is priced at $195,000.

Sikorsky-Boeing SB1 Defiant:

SB-1 Defiant is one more entry to the United States Army’s program, called Future Vertical Lift. It will be joining Bell V-280 Valor in the effort of creating a universal fleet of VTOL aircraft.

Bell FCX 001 Concept:

Bell FCX 001 Concept is a futuristic aircraft that was presented by Bell Helicopter in 2017 at Heli-Expo to show off the vision of upcoming VTOL machines.


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