JEDI MASTER | Star Wars Trials On Tatooine (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

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Experience what it’s like to finally hold a real lightsaber….. in virtual reality! We finally have a Star Wars VR experience! Budget Cuts …


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  1. Is it me or does the saber in this game look like Kyle's (third) saber?

    "Just throw my lightsaber at them!" That is an actual technique Jedi and Sith can use with their sabers, using the Force to turn it into one hell of a boomerang.

    Also, here's the brilliant thing about a VR lightsaber: the blades have no weight in-universe so not having the sensation of a blade actually makes it more realistic.

  2. I imagine it'll have to wait until VR stuff is more affordable, but if Disney is willing to spend as much as they need on it, a good Star Wars VR game would make them a fortune.

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