THE GRID VR | Virtual Reality News – Oculus Quest, Lone Echo 2, Star Wars Vader Immortal, Connect 5

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  1. With Oculus Connect 5 the big deal in VR this weeks it's tough to not make this ep sound like one big Oculus commercial 😀 There is plenty more going on in this ep too so let me know what you're most excited to see in VR over the next year or 2… x_0

  2. I really hope Beat Saber VR will be available on the Oculus Quest. I convinced 2 of my friends to buy an Oculus Rift by just letting them play Beat Saber VR for a few hours. Even my mom loves the game. My friends were lucky because they own a high end gaming PC, but other people might not be so fortunate. The Quest just brings 6DOF VR to a much larger market (because it doesn't need a PC or phone) and I believe this will be the VR headset that really skyrockets the whole VR gaming thing.
    But I'm just still waiting here for a Oculus Quest style headset (wireless + high res display and inside out tracking) but with the ability to wirelessly connect to a PC for improved graphics performance.
    Also eye tracking and moving lenses would be pretty neat for improved performance. But all these things will probably take a while..

    Anyways, great video, can't wait for the next episode!

  3. agreed ..without the pc i built i wouldn't be able to max out my vives current titles . i hope optimization comes to it soon . sounds like oculus is already on that wagon

  4. im hyped about the Knuckles controllers but as well as VR devs moving towards wireless headsets, just wished we could use outside in tracking in unison with inside out so we'd get ALL the tracking

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