The iPhone Xs has a PROBLEM…

EP. 742 – The iPhone Xs has a PROBLEM… Users on Reddit, and a video from Unbox Therapy has found that the iPhone Xs & iPhone Xs Max are applying …


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  1. I'm not convinced that the XS's image smoothing is just general low light processing. In Unbox Therapy's video, you can see that the entire image shifts color tones when he covers and uncovers his face, which sure makes it look like it's intelligently recognizing faces and adjusting the image accordingly.

  2. How come other phones – including the iphone X- doesn't need this much pixel smoothing in low light? Galaxy? Pixel? This whole deal reminds me of those $150 Chinese phones with those beauty modes and fake bokeh effects.

  3. Wait a min, did you even watch the unbox therapy vid? When he covers his face the smoothing goes away, not to mention that he has professional studio lights on his set. It's clearly not just a lighting issue

  4. Why say fuck? When you can say fuck is different language.. like.. say "otha" it means fuck in tamil. And YouTube won't even recognise it.

  5. Let's not forget the sleep charging issue that's been popping up on the iPhone…. Premium device……. Did you know android for years offered fast charging in the box. Years later a "premium device"….. doesn't…. All about bleeding every penny not about quality anymore.

  6. I have beauty mode on my phone, yes. I don't want it on my phone, yes. I have the option to turn it off on my phone, yes. Did it actually turn off? NO. It automatically sets itself back up, I don't know why.

    Look, again, I'm not trying to hate, really, but I am just pointing out to you right now, as much as you don't like to admit it, but you are biased towards Apple. Jern, seriously, I don't hate you. The way you pointed out that XS problem is so sarcastic. It didn't feel neutral. But hey, you do you. You have an audience, you have power to change people's minds. I care about you, I used to be a fan.

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