Apple’s iPhone XS NIGHTMARES Continue

Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have problems over problems. There was Blue Shift where the screen has a blue tint in white background.


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  1. Don't care about Bluegate, beautygate works in my favour, as I'm kinda ugly and ChargeGate doesn't affect me… so I guess, I'm a lucky son of a bitch, right? 😀

  2. Apple is like the mob in those old gangsters films. They charge u a lot for not much. What they do sell u breaks in no time. & u just have to deal with it until they decide to fix the problem. If they decide to. I wouldn’t b surprised if they start to charge their customers for updates. They charge for everything else.

  3. I dont understand why Apple iphones are so overhyped and overpriced in India.
    Seriusly its too high compared too prices in US and is just selling because people have to just show off the logo and price tag.
    In India costs are (approx.) :-
    Samsung Note 9 – 900$
    Iphone 8 – 1030$
    Iphone X – 1400-1550$
    Iphone XS -1500-1850$
    Iphone XS Max-
    And the so called budget Iphone XR which costs 750$ in US costs about 1050$ in India which is more than Note 9 here so why would one go for Iphone XR ( A fool can go).
    I dont understand what people think before buying this operpriced thing in India.
    I would personally be very happy with NOTE 9

  4. This is basicly the gatherround for all the samsung fan Boys. I know we hawe the free dom of speech and I under stand tha comenters can coment whatever the want, but you as a rewier should bi as biased as possible and not an samsung fanboy.

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