iPhone “Gates” Explained!

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beautygate. #chargegate. #bendgate. What do they all have in common? Official Apple Antennagate statement: …


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  1. I decided to demo the whole selfie smoothing issue by taking my very first selfie ever with my iphone XS. It refused to take the photo and said I was "too gruesome and not amount of smoothing is gonna fix that" I was disappointed in my iDevice product .

  2. Finally a YouTube streamer not on the Samsung payroll who is speaking facts. 99% of YouTube tech streamers can’t get any views until they bash the iPhone and exaggerate issues. The iPhone Max has a higher user review rating on Best Buy based on real world experience so sales numbers and user experience isn’t matching what’s being posted on YouTube and a fake narrative has been created. I own the Note 9 and iPhone Max and they are both great but Samsung and bloggers have act like tech is sports with a winner and a loser and it’s a joke.

  3. Dear iPhone XS users. We've recently discovered that a small number of people have been mildly inconvenienced by our new battery life prolonging feature. You see the iPhone XS detects weather or not you are using the device in order to be able to charge. Because obviously if you are not using the device it doesn't need to charge and remove some of the life of our best battery yet. So if you are at all confused, just make sure you use your iPhone when you charge it. Or you can buy our wireless charging pad for the new incredibly low price of your first born child.

  4. People just need to stop forming illogical emotional attachments to these tech companies and stop taking the critique of these devices as a personal insult.

  5. YES, we buy Samsung, but they actually admitted their mistake and did something about it UNLIKE Apple. So yeah, Samsung all the way. And btw, its so pointless defending Apple when you know they won't even appologise to you, the customer. So please, don't @ me.

  6. Wow something that happened like2 years ago and isn't it funny how your say that the iPhone Xs is the best phone when the Samsung s9 is still the best rated phone you can get an off brand iPhone these day with the same shit for much less

  7. I was one of the Samsung note 7 users who had a defective phone. 3 of them, as they kept replacing them with another defective phone. The reason I ended up with another Samsung phone was not by choice, their refund policy favored another Samsung selection. I would have been out more money if I had chosen another brand. That is how I would explain their high retention rate.

  8. I still have my paperweight LG10. I sent it in 9 times during the first year of ownership to be fixed. Right after the 1 yr it got the black screen of death. $500 just gone

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