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  1. Mega Man is one of those series that I keep trying to get into but for whatever reason I can’t. Maybe once this and the Switch collections go on sale I’ll try again…

  2. My friend said the following about thr character design:
    Mega man looks like a sausage
    Roll looks like a hot dog
    Block man looks like one of those standing punching bags
    Bounce man is a fitness ball
    Fuse man is one of these weird mixers you see in the shop channel on TV
    Blast man looks like some theme park's mascot
    Acid man looks like he came out of a broken sink
    He dosent have much to say about tundra man
    Torch man looks like your averge BBQ
    Impact man looks like the leaf blower he has in his house
    Dr wily looks like he drank 50 cups of cofee
    The wily capsule looks like a rotten egg
    Yellow devil is, well… yellow devil.
    And mawverne looks like one of these theme park rides that make you puke your soul out.
    Wanna hear what he thinks aout the minibosses?

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