Brand-new iPhones already BROKEN?!

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  1. IT IS LITERALLY A SETTING YOU CHANGE TO FIX THE CHARGING BUG GOOGLE SEARCH FOR FUCKS SAKE. Basically the bug has issue with access to USB devices so you just change settings>passcodes + ID> USB access on lock screen.

  2. Interstate comme4ce? Is that why supreme court now allows states to collect taxes from peoplevin other states? Hypocritical bastards

    Also..fuck throttling.

    Also vote libertarian.

  3. I bought the 256gb xs Max. I'm a traveling sales professional and it caused me a lot.of grief. Took forever to charge, the whole not charging until you wake it up again, and reception is lessened. It has some issues. These halfway releases to me illustrate how close Android is. The Apple of old didn't have these issues.

  4. If we're going to kill cows for beef, may as well use their skin as well… Complaining about that is just disrespectful to the animal that gave its life.

  5. A buddy of mine says it's a security thing they want to impose to prevent people from hacking locked phones (cough cough FBI). The lightning port is completely disabled if you haven't unlocked the phone within the last hour. No data and no power until you unlock the phone.

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