CRAZY Drunkn Bar Fight! – Virtual Reality Drinking Game Up Close & Personal Drunkn Bar Fight! – Oculus Rift + Touch Quick Message From RCVR!


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  1. Wow i really like how you did the Montage 😉 You could have kept the lower left for First person view of the game i think.
    OMG i'm lmao @2:30
    How much time did it take you to do the montage ?
    Some wild stuff going on @8:50

  2. hey what kind of cable sleeve do you use on your hdmi/usb3 cable break out.
    wondering what size sleeve will fit around both cables?

  3. i don't like the rift layout of that game. I played the vive version which differs for expl. the jukebox is bigger and stands on the ground and the darts are stuck into the dart plate. Hope the change it though.

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