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After slaying legions of demons and collecting a mountain of loot, we’re ready to unleash a verdict on Blizzard’s epic action-RPG. Head over to IGN for more …


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  2. The whole point of having a skill tree is to go a certain route. If you mess up and pick something you won't use, you screwed up and you need to deal with it.
    Recycling skill trees was definitely made for newcomers into the genre and needs an option in game to trigger it on/off.

  3. Tried to play this game today………January 2018. No being able to pan the camera and look ahead of me drives me crazy. And no real challenge to anything, just mobs of easy to kill enemies.
    Nope…….not for me. If I cannot see ahead of me……..no, no……..not for me.


  4. Two of my friends got it when it first released and played the game then. Five years later, me and another friend decided to take the dive, and we now play as a stack of 4 on the hardest difficulty we've unlocked. Needless to say, the old boys still have a lot of fun with this game, and seeing the updates to the progression systems and overall gameplay, it makes total sense!

  5. This game currently handles loot terribly. Loot isn't that interesting because 'Orange is best' is the name of the game. Set items are ridiculously overpowered, which pigeon holes your class badly. The power creep is insane, and build freedom is almost non existent. every class has 2 builds, when it should be around 200.

  6. To those who say this isnt Diablo I say – you dont know what Diablo is. D2 was one of the best games I ever played but ffs its a goddamn cardboard 2d game it had so many glitches,bugs,dupings and ffs you lost your gear if you did not login for a longer time.Yeah I loved it,but I love D3 as well,definitely the best action rpg out there.

  7. This is cringe worthy. The game only became enjoyable after Reaper of Souls.

    Vanilla was so bad they literally fired the director. The Auction House was a disaster that ruined the entire game, the linear story full of unskippable events and cutscenes, the boring itemization made worse by drops balanced around the AH… jesus christ.

  8. This is a game I won't be playing next week or next month, but will be playing for years… So you won't play for a few months then randomnly start playing for years?

    -IGN logic

  9. I just don't get this game and why people are saying it's so good… The 5 act main quest is so easy it becomes a snooze fest and you find yourself running past all the enemies. Adventure mode it just feels like constant mindless grinding…. Am I missing something?

  10. bought it the other day, its fun, but felt repetitive quickly. am i the only one that didn't see what was awesome about this game? its cool to play, but i wouldnt give it a high rating

  11. diablo 3 is a joke,look at diablo 3 alpha by blizzard nord wich was cancelled that was true diablo,not touching this game again,in respect for blizzard north.

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