The Best VR Games & Experiences From Oculus Connect 5 2018

Here are the best VR games and experiences from Oculus Connect 5 2018. I put together a roundup of all the virtual reality content I tried at the show including …


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  1. I'm excited about the Quest. Inside-out tracking, touch controllers, and wireless. Put all that together and imagine how awesome multiplayer games can be.

  2. There are so many games that rift has as exclusives that look incredible. My PC would need a lot of upgrades and tweaking to run them nicely so I'm waiting for the quest! To be able to play super hot or dead and buried with 6dof and no wires… sign me up!

  3. I own the ps4 vr and this compared to what I have is a major upgrade. I love introducing vr stuff to my friends but when i had to do that i had to bring the whole system and pretty time consuming, but with this it all in the go so very convenient and also awesome to play with my friends face to face.

  4. I’m excited to see what oculus quest brings to the table that rift or go doesn’t. It looks to be more of a “hybrid” model between the two, but hopefully it proves to be a step up in terms of the future of vr. I really want this technology to spread like fire so that way the technology progresses further and we get more and better games along the way.

  5. Great vid! Most excited about buying the Quest on day 1, installing Super Hot as soon as possible and playing for hours! Also, way too pumped for Face Your Fears 2! FYF has been my favorite thing show friends on my Go and you're not alone with your reaction to the spider experience. I took it to one of the campus bars that I host trivia at and let a bunch of beefy frat boys try and I think only one of them managed to make it all the way through to the end. Pretty great stuff.

  6. Thanks, but no thanks. After I had trying a large fov recently, I just can't go back to those goggles looking headsets. Sorry but I just can't.I want 200 FOV

  7. This is awesome, thanks for the give away! I'm most excited about the stand-alone Rift devices. I think these will help bring more people to VR who don't have great PCs. My only concern is that if the experience isn't great, people won't try it again. When I tried the Rift (I just got one a few days ago!), I was blown away, absolutely knew that I'd be a VR fan forever after. If I'd seen VR on a mobile device, I don't know that I would have really cared as much about it.

  8. The Quest looks interesting. I'm looking forward to it's release and further reviews. The price point is also reasonable! Cheers.

  9. The main thing I am excited for is the headset I been waiting for it for a long time and now it's coming in spring I am hype for it to try all the experience. I did not go to the Oculus 5 Event but I'm sure that the headset will be awesome when I get it in about 6 months or more.

  10. I’m super exited about not being restricted by the cords, but I think I’m most exited about being able to bring it over to friends houses and making it a much more social experience.

  11. When Oculus says Rift comparable, I hope they mean whilst using my 1080 Ti Founders edition! Otherwise, I'll continue to use my Rift for 3D dev. work, Lone Echo, motion control heavy apps etc. Use my Samsung Odyssey for driving, flying, (anything in a cockpit, FPS, Skyrim, Fallout, Exa Infinite Instrument etc. and I still seem to prefer watching video etc,. in my Gear VR with my trusty (ancient) Note 4 screen… and I will just have to suffer through until Rift CV2 comes out spring/summer 2020. I predict they will call the prototype: 'CANNON BEACH' (The Goonies movie beach! ;")

  12. As a VR Developer, I'm most excited about the ability to design for ARENA SCALE. I want to take that to the next level already! Arena scale with Leap motion hand control Muaaaahhhh! I would use any Oculus $ for Develolment Research as well as fun!

  13. Stormland looks friggin gorgeous! Kinda made my day that I mentioned you to my bro and minutes later he sent me a pic with ya! Safe travels, and looking forward to more reviews!

  14. I was very impressed with the Quest's augmented reality 3d scanning potential. I think that could get seriously exploited for real world impromptu games of Dead and Buried and the like – imagine playing it in a forest?
    Of course, I really hope they get some sort of wireless connection between the Quest and PC to have it double as a wireless upgrade to the Rift. I would replace my Rift with a Quest in a heartbeat if that ends up getting announced.

  15. I'm excited to try the Oculus Quest. The biggest barrier to entry on VR has been whether or not my PC had the power to handle the original Rift. So, to have a standalone unit to play with will be a great entry point for me and, I'm sure, many others who have been on the fence about purchasing a VR headset.

  16. Personally, I cannot wait for Stormland. I love playing traditional-style games in VR as well as made-for-vr games. Stormland looks to be the best of both worlds and I will be picking it up as soon as it comes out.

  17. So excited for the Oculus Quest! We are moving ever so closer to the high bar that "Ready Player One" set. See you soon in the Oasis 😉

  18. I been waiting forever for that Santa Cruz.

    One possible huge drawback I foresee with the oculus quest is probably going to be no steam vr which means no Skyrim vr.

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