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  1. Oblivion still looks great in indoors scenes. With texture mods it can be gotten to mostly 2K standards which is pretty sharp. The biggest issues are the shadows and draw distance. The game lacks large shadows altogether. Buildings and structures and stuff do not cast shadows, period. That however can be added with a mod. It's stupidly demanding, but it does indeed work. Draw distance can also be remedied, but it's even more demanding. By default the game does not draw large structures in the distance. Not uncommon for a large Imperial Fort to just pop in out of nowhere a couple hundred feet in front of you. Though even with the mod and at single digit framerates, it doesn't draw land masses. So you'll now see the imperial fort with mods, but it will be floating in the air till you get close enough to see the hill it's sitting on. Fallout 3 kinda solved the draw distance issue by making its spaces more enclosed. Fallout New Vegas however suffers due to its wide open desert environment. That game almost requires mods to be really playable, because stuff is simply not visible when it plainly should be. Skyrim finally fixed the issue somewhat, but still had pretty bad pop-in. It wasn't until SE that fade-in was introduced and we also finally had a real solution for distant land masses. The LOD and draw distance for structures and other things was also further enhanced. So now, after how many games, draw distance is finally acceptable. lol Bethesda

  2. Crysis came out a year after Oblivion. Well, they're different games and have different engines, but you can see that gaming graphics improved significantly.

  3. Gotta remember this game came out in 2006. Skyrim had all the hype that it did because of this games achievements and success. First game I ever played on 360 and definitely an all time favorite.

  4. Still not as good as Skyrim but the storyline does intrigue me so maybe I'll pick it up especially after getting annoyed by NPCs in skyrim mentioning the oblivion crisis and me not knowing what the hell they're talking about.

  5. I love this game i own the 5th anniversary edition and it's amazing for a game made in 2006 like wow this is one of my favourite games ever along with skyrim and fallout 3!

  6. Failed again at my third attempt to get into this game. I'm giving up on it.
    Yes it's probably good but I just get too bored with the long drawn out conversations.

  7. I really wish someone would have told me about Morrowind when it came out. Around that time, I was playing Fable all the time until I bought my first 360 and a copy of Oblivion, one of the greatest games I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

  8. I played Skyrim first and loved it, so I started getting the other games. Oblivion is a great game, graphics are old and it is MUCH harder than Skyrim but I recommend it. Just be sure to get the game of the year edition so you get Knights of the Nine and the Shivering Isles expansion packs.

  9. It is a matter of opinion, in my opinion skyrim is better than morrowind because of the detail and story, I played morrowind but I did not enjoy it as much as skyrim or oblivion

  10. Im just saying if we had the tech and patience, it would be nice, right?
    As for the elder collection, it was the first thing that popped into my head, Im not the best at naming things, hence my child "Cornelius Jonathan IIIIXXVVIIXXX"

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